As we convert the art classroom to a ROLE classroom (Results Only Learning Environment) this year, midterms will look a bit different.  

A ROLE classroom seeks to encourage students to take control of their own learning while developing individual skills and a desire to take creative risks.  While I know this is new to most, my goal is to help students form personal goals, formulate a strategy, assess the results, and strategize a new plan until the goal is met.  

Midterm grades were determined based on a conference between the student and I.  A record of the conversation is recorded in the comments section of the "Midterm" assignment in Powerschool.   Here's a few examples of what this feedback might look like: 

"Student A is doing well being nice to others and trying his best.  His projects are also creative and unique.  Student A feels he could improve on staying on task.  Goals for the rest of the the trimester: To check Artsonia for feedback and to get on task more. Student A feels he has earned an A because he tries his best to put effort into his projects and keeps a positive attitude."

"Student B is doing well coming up with ideas for her projects and using color well. Student B feels she could improve on concentrating more during class and completing her work.  Goals for the rest of the trimester: to check Artsonia for feedback and finish her projects.  Student B feels she has earned an A because she does most of her work and is on task and does not goof around."

Please also make sure you are keeping up with our work on Artsonia.  Every student receives detailed teacher feedback within one week of posting their artwork.  Students receive this detailed feedback in place of a point based grade.  Detailed feedback helps students learn specifically what they did well, what they could improve and if they need to redo any aspect of the artwork.  Here's an example of what feedback looks like on Artsonia:  

Here's an example of one of our projects featured on Artsonia

Here you see the artwork as well as the statement written about the artwork by the student.  Each student writes a statement for each project they complete in art class. 
Here's the feedback Mark received for his artwork.  Feedback is located at the bottom of the page of the featured artwork.  


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