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Art Club Mural

Sometimes great opportunities come knocking on your door and no matter how busy you are, you can't turn it down.  The mural opportunity was just one of those situations!   Summer Lawrence, 8th grade Hester student and long time art club member was asked about painting a mural on the exterior wall of the Midas in Franklin Park located at 2611 S Mannheim, but wanted to share the wonderful opportunity with her art club friends.   The Midas wanted a mural that represented the surrounding community, so Ms. Zill presented the topic to the art club students and asked them to submit drawings.  Ms. Zill received several great drawings from her students and they all had great elements, so she worked to use a little bit of each drawing and combined it into one composition.   After hours of scheduling discussion the plan was set in motion!  Ms. Zill went to the Midas on a Saturday morning to sketch the outline of the mural to prepare for the students.   Here's what the wall lo

October Art Students of the Month

The end of the trimester is a crazy time of year, but we made it!  I'm a little late, but wanted to take a moment to honor the October Art Students of the Month.   6th Grade: Ema Karajic & Emely Banegas  7th Grade: Melissa Serrano 8th Grade: Cristina Martinez Ema & Emely made a great team this year in art!  The girls were a great resource for one another when generating ideas and working through the projects.  They both maintained their own unique ideas for their projects and put a great deal of thought into their creations.  Ema & Emely worked to maintain the art studio and take good care of the supplies.  What a great start to 6th grade art!  I can't wait to see what these girls create over the next two years!   Ema's Kandinsky Inspired Composition Ema's Egyptian Burial Mask Ema's Family Collage Emely's Clay Monster Emely's Egyptian Burial Mask Emely's Chalk Pastel Sketchbook Melissa was always