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Making Monoprints!

Monoprints are fun prints to make and you don’t have to worry about pulling an identical edition of prints because they are an edition of only one. There are lots of ways to make monoprints, but here is a fun way to make them at home: Materials: Brushes, tempera paints, craft foam sheets, drawing paper, and a spray bottle for water. Step One: Paint your design using several colors of paint onto a sheet of craft foam. You will have to experiment with thickness of paint, but most times you want a moderate amount of paint. Keep your paper size in mind. The paints will dry rather quickly, but don’t worry. Step Two: Using the spray bottle of water, evenly wet the paper. (If you have a shallow tray you could dip the paper in the water instead) Let any drips run off the paper. Step Three: Lay the wet paper on top of the craft foam. Using your hands, a brayer or a rolling pin rub the back of the paper to help it pick up the paint. Be gentle so you don’t tear the paper. Step Four: Time f


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