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January Art Students of the Month

Congratulations to the January Art Students of the Month! All three of these students worked hard, demonstrated perseverance and a high level of craftsmanship and creativity in their artwork. 6th Grade: Leslie Coreno 7th Grade: Weronika Marzec 8th Grade: Gustavo Flores Leslie continued to amaze me with each project she created this year.  She used each piece of feedback to help guide, challenge and show growth in her artwork.  Leslie was always willing to help her classmates when they needed it! Weronika has been a positive addition to class this year.  She never hesitated to stop and give a mini training session to a friend in need.  Her coil vase is giant and demonstrates her commitment to good craftsmanship.  Weronika has also been a great addition to the yearbook team - helping us stay organized and taking lots of photos! Gustavo has an immense ability to stay focused on his work no matter what is going on around him.  He takes his time

Mr. Freeze Visits Hester!

Last Friday we were fortunate enough to have "Mr. Freeze of Fermilab" visit the 6th grade students and give them a demonstration of cryogenics.   Cryogenics is the science of how you make things really cold and what happens when you do that!! (The production of very low temperatures (below  – 150 °C, – 238 °F or 123 K) and the behavior of materials at those temperatures.)  Students weren't the only ones learning -  I learned lots of new information too!  Students were actively engaged from start to finish and even had the opportunity to taste a frozen marshmallow too.  Learn more at  or Here's some pictures from the show:

Evolution of a Dragon!

Shrek Jr. the Musical The Hester Junior High choir is preparing for Shrek Jr. the musical, premiering next week, February 18th and 19th at 7:00 pm.   Although my stage crew group has been PHENOMENAL this year - I am especially excited about this GIANT dragon we have been building over the last several weeks.  I would like to say that although I googled giant papier mache masks for some background information, I have NEVER made anything remotely this big before - the students and I have learned by DOING and TRYING. Here is a day by day evolution... Day One - The students aren't so sure this is going to look like a dragon, but they are willing to keep going End of Day Two - Once we added a top layer of papier mache, the students had a little faith in our endeavors! Day Three: The dragon needed more brains!  Day 4: polishing up some details - we are all getting excited now!  Day Five: Paint!  Day Five: Notice the repurposed apple trays from the lunch ro

Family Math Night!

Family Math Night Wednesday, Feb 10th was Family Math Night in District #84.  Organized by math teachers Claire Ristau and Samantha Serpe, the night was full of math games and activities families could participate in.  Many families braved the cold weather to attend this spectacular event.  Special thanks to the teachers and administrators who helped out with this event! Here's a snapshot of the night: