Evolution of a Dragon!

Shrek Jr. the Musical

The Hester Junior High choir is preparing for Shrek Jr. the musical, premiering next week, February 18th and 19th at 7:00 pm.   Although my stage crew group has been PHENOMENAL this year - I am especially excited about this GIANT dragon we have been building over the last several weeks.  I would like to say that although I googled giant papier mache masks for some background information, I have NEVER made anything remotely this big before - the students and I have learned by DOING and TRYING.

Here is a day by day evolution...

Day One - The students aren't so sure this is going to look like a dragon, but they are willing to keep going

End of Day Two - Once we added a top layer of papier mache, the students had a little faith in our endeavors!

Day Three: The dragon needed more brains! 

Day 4: polishing up some details - we are all getting excited now! 
Day Five: Paint! 

Day Five: Notice the repurposed apple trays from the lunch room?  Perfect scales! 

Day Six: Trying it on for balance! 

Day Seven: Building up the scales on the front, then to papier mache a final layer and finish painting the details!

We have a bit more work to do, but check back next week for the final product... I'm SO EXCITED!!! 


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