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East Leyden Spring Art Show

The Leyden Art Shows are some of my favorite events of the year!   I get to see how the Hester Alumni are growing in their art practice.  This year, my first class of students from Hester are now seniors, and I have many former students in the AP Studio Art class making me proud!  In addition to the seniors, Hester alumni are well represented in every art class and won several ribbons at this year's art show.  As a middle school art teacher, I am also allowed to submit some work of my 7th and 8th graders to be represented in the show alongside the high school work. I am so PROUD of ALL of my artists! Hester Artists in the Spring Show included:  Student Artwork Alex Gach Monochromatic Self-Portrait Bridget Covarrubias Colored Pencil Drawing Danny Villagomez Aboriginal Painting Erik Franco Monochromatic Self-Portrait Jasmin Carrera Colored Pencil Drawing Jayden Negron Coil Vase Karla Ramirez Coil Va