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Jim Jones Visits Hester Junior High!

Jim Jones is an inspirational speaker who wow's the audience with his smooth basketball skills while talking to students about spreading kindness, believing in yourself, working hard and making good choices.  Jim shares the story of the hard work and dedication it took him to find success in school and life while getting kids involved and motivating us all! Here's a sampling of what our yearbook staff photographer's captured at Monday's assembly.  Special thanks to the following student photographers: Jasmin Carrera Vanessa Herrera Aracely Martinez  Damaris Mendez Emily Sutter

September Art Students of the Month!

We have been busy making lots of art this month, but I've been so involved I've forgotten to take  pictures!  I promise to keep you more updated this month with our work, but you can always check out student work on Artsonia.   September Art Students of the Month:  6th Grade: Robert Amoin 7th Grade: Trilce Cisneros 8th Grade: Ashley Castanon Robert brings an enthusiasm that is unmatched by most!  He has thoughtful ideas and also works hard on his projects.  Robert also loves to talk Minecraft during work time and has lots of ideas to add to his artwork.  He enjoys reading the feedback on his art work and makes sure to have a thoughtful conversation to follow up.  Trilce takes time to think through her ideas thoroughly.  The clock is her biggest challenge as she likes to make all of her details perfect and sometimes that slows her down.  Trilce is always willing to stop her work and help a friend in need.  She works to maintain the art studio and cleans up