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NAEA Conference 2016

Halfway through the National Art Education Association Conference and I am LOVING every minute!  It is great when the teacher is also a learner.   Here's a few highlights:   Gordon Parks Today: Social Justice Image Making Across Grade Levels  First we toured the AMAZING brand new Gordon Parks Art Hall.  Next we learned a little history about Gordon Parks - here's my favorite quote from Gordon:  "I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty.  I could have just as easily picked up a knife or a gun, like many of my childhood friends did... most of whom were murdered or put in prison... but I chose not to go that way.  I felt that I could somehow subdue these evils by doing something beautiful that people recognize me by, and thus make a whole different life for myself, which has proved to be so. "       - Gordon Parks After previewing three different lessons that encour

February Art Students of the Month

Announcing the February Art Students of the Month! 6th grade: Arturo George 7th grade: Zach Dempsey 8th grade: Bridget Covarrubias These students have started off the trimester strong jumping into each project and just going for it!  Each of these students helps their peers when needed, maintains the art studio, and have a general good attitude in class!   6th grade: Arturo George Arturo was a little hesitant at first to believe in his art skills, but now into his fourth project, he has found his groove.  Look at this shading in his horse!   7th Grade: Zach Dempsey Zach has impressed me with his enthusiasm and attention to detail in his work.  He has unique ideas, but also listens to feedback and uses it to improve his work.   8th Grade: Bridget Covarrubias Bridget has taken the projects and RUN this year!  She is focused, determined and varied in her project ideas.  Just look at the shading in this cow!   Check

Shrek the Musical Jr performed by Hester Junior High

One of the three after school clubs that I run at Hester is the stage crew, which designs all the scenery for the annual musical.  I am very fortunate to work with a talented music teacher, Marilee Castaneda, who puts together an amazing show with the choir students each year.  The 2016 performance was Shrek, Jr the musical. Students interested in joining stage crew started out by filling out an application in December.  Over 50 students applied, but I could only take 35 students.  Each of the students chose one or two days that fit their schedule to attend meetings.  In just 7 short weeks the students painted the back stage wall, 4 rolling sets, a castle set, and constructed numerous props including the papier mache dragon head. Please note that the kids are doing all the creating - I just consult them! Here's a video slideshow of the performance with some AMAZING pictures taken by the one and only, Mrs. Pina! Photos of the work in progress... Look at those hard workers

Fine Arts & Career Fair Showcase 2016

The 5th annual Fine Arts and Career Fair Showcase was a HUGE success!! March is not only Youth Art Month, but also Open House, so we filled the gym with the 8th grade career fair research projects as well as artwork from EVERY Hester Art Student.  Parents joined in the celebration of the wonderful work happening at Hester by writing fan mail cards to the students letting them know just how much they enjoyed the work.  We had students and teachers writing notes as well!  Special thanks to Faustyna K. for writing the most fan mail cards that night and celebrating her fellow students!  Adding an interactive component, we hung black paper so all visitors could add to our chalkboard mural! I am so proud of all of the students and enjoy the opportunity to watch these students grow each year.  Not only are the arts an essential component of modern life, but 50% of careers today require some arts training.  Students are not only making art, but also problem solving, learning to persevere,