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Art Club Rainsticks!

When you have an art club of about 75 students, it takes FOREVER to finish a complex project like these rain sticks - but it's worth it!  I tried to get a photo of each student before they took their rain sticks home, but I missed a few along the way.   Students had to hammer nails in a spiral pattern all down the spiral tube, then they taped over the ends and used rice and beans to the stick to bounce off the nails and make the noise.  Students then papier mached over the stick and then used acrylic paints to decorate.  I still have about 20 more in various stages of completion in my classroom - so if you haven't picked up your rain stick - please do!  

East Leyden Winter Art Show!

Leyden Winter Art Show Each winter and spring the high school hosts an art exhibit for all of the current high school art students.  In addition the art teachers from the feeder schools are invited to display work of 7th and 8th grade students.  A fabulous celebration of the arts!   I am proud to say that the following current Hester students were represented in the show this year:  7th Grade Aaliyah Diaz  Yaritza Frias Divents Moya Olivia Pajer Gabe Predescu  Kevin Romanowski Ryan Smith 8th Grade   Ashley Castanon Yanelis Chaparro Mikalya Class Juliana Franco Geselle Garcia Cristina Martinez Evie Perez Sebastian Puentes Alexandra Zorniak Special Thanks to Yaritza and Mikayla for attending the evening reception!  And a whole lot of Hester Alum were represented in the show too!  There are too many to list individually, but the following Hester Alum won awards at the show:  Oriana Barney: Class of 2012 Elvina Malko