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Graffitti Art

During Session Two, our collaborative project was to create a "crowd" scene using stencil spray paint. Each student helped to create the layering of faces on the board. Stencils were cut from student's drawings. We talked a little bit about graffiti art and how to use stencils. Students also learned about stencils through making their two layer silkscreen projects. Click here to return to Artapalooza

Clay Creatures

As young illustrators, we looked at some claymation artists such as Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit and another lesser known artist, Ryan, who has recreated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in claymation. You can check out his animation by clicking on the link below. Harry Potter Claymation After watching some video clips, we set out on a mission to create our own characters out of clay. Unlike claymation, we fired our clay pieces and will be painting them Thursday and Friday. We came up with some crazy characters as well as some recognizable figures. Click here to return to Artapalooza