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Fine Arts and Career Fair Showcase 2017

Fine Arts and Career Fair Showcase 2017 For the 6th year in a row, Mrs. Bernath and I have put together a showcase that features the career fair research projects of the 8th grade and art of all the Hester art students.  One of the unique qualities of this show is that it is completely student curated, which means that the students chose which of their pieces that they wanted to showcase.   For the first time this year, I was able to add the artist statements on display with the projects to help the audience understand some of the process that went into the project.  Students, parents and teachers were able to fill out some "fan mail" cards to write compliments to the students to let them know some of their favorite artworks and aspects of the career fair projects.   Here's some photos the students on display with their projects:  To see all the photos view the video at:  Fine Arts & Career Fair Showcase 2017

Memory Project - Syria Portraits Delivered

In November, Art club students created portraits for 10 Syrian children through a wonderful non-profit organization, The Memory Project.  The organization helps bring joy to children all over the world by bringing these hand-made works of art to children who have been orphaned, neglected, abused or are living in extreme poverty.   In return for the artworks, the organization creates a video that captures the celebration of the children receiving their portraits.  This year, they partnered with students from the University who dressed up as superheroes to help deliver the portraits.   Here's the email we received after sending in our portraits:  Hi Carissa! I just received your students' paintings for the kids from Syria - so lovely!  These will be such thoughtful gifts for them to receive there in the refugee camp.  Thank you so much for this 2nd wonderful contribution, after the 1st for the kids in Colombia! We'll be bringing these to the children in early Feb