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8th Grade Art Workshop

Each year Leyden hosts a two hour workshop for 8th grade students to give them a preview of what the art department has to offer them as high school students.  Each feeder school is allowed to send up to 10 students to participate in the Surrealism themed workshop.  I had a stage crew meeting after school so I was only able to make the last 30 minutes of the workshop, but I was able to snap a few pictures. Students completed a drawing activity, made a collage and created these awesome buttons! I was even able to capture a few photos of the art of some of our Hester alumni that was on display.  

Paper Pulp Sculptures

I'm a little late updating the blog, but I couldn't pass up sharing this super special day in art class!   The first week of January brought two cold weather days home for Hester.  The Friday we returned  to school there was a sizable group of students who were still home staying out of the freezing cold temperatures, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity for a little spontaneity!  Paper pulp sculptures to the rescue! I used some powdered art paste to mix up a couple large batches of ooey gluey paste.  Then I used my blender and mixed the paste, some additional water and newspaper to make a nice mushy pulp. Students were instructed to get a bowl (I keep a large stock of bowls for mixing, making molds, etc) and I gave them about a 1/2 cup of the pulp mixture.  Next, students tore up some additional newspaper and then hand mixed it all together to get a sculpt-able pulp. (The blender can't get a thick enough pulp on it's own)  I gave the students the optio