October Art Students of the Month

The end of the trimester is a crazy time of year, but we made it!  I'm a little late, but wanted to take a moment to honor the October Art Students of the Month.  

6th Grade: Ema Karajic & Emely Banegas 
7th Grade: Melissa Serrano
8th Grade: Cristina Martinez

Ema & Emely made a great team this year in art!  The girls were a great resource for one another when generating ideas and working through the projects.  They both maintained their own unique ideas for their projects and put a great deal of thought into their creations.  Ema & Emely worked to maintain the art studio and take good care of the supplies.  What a great start to 6th grade art!  I can't wait to see what these girls create over the next two years!  

Ema's Kandinsky Inspired Composition

Ema's Egyptian Burial Mask

Ema's Family Collage

Emely's Clay Monster

Emely's Egyptian Burial Mask

Emely's Chalk Pastel Sketchbook
Melissa was always a ball of positive energy in the art room!  Even when she was struggling to make her linoleum reduction prints a success, she kept her positive attitude.  We worked together and found a solution that made her prints a reality.  Melissa always put thought into the subject of her artworks and gave deep meaning to each one.  The themes of her work revolved around loved ones and having a positive reach in the world around her.  Melissa was always there to lend a hand or just give positive feedback.  

Melissa's Sketchbook

Melissa's Papier Mache Letter

Melissa's Linoleum Reduction Print about a Social Issue

Cristina Martinez is one of the most hardworking, thoughtful artists that Ms. Zill had in her classes first trimester.  She always put a great deal of thought into her ideas and wasn't afraid to sketch out many versions until coming up with the best one.  Cristina understood the importance of using her art to share her voice in the world - spreading important ideas about equality.  She mostly kept to herself, but would reach out and help others whenever she saw that they needed a hand.  

Cristina's 8th Grade Screenprint Shirt

Cristina's Chihuly Inspired Sculpture 

Cristina's Clay Box

Ms. Zill is lucky to have the opportunity to teach not only these students, but a wealth of other students too!  She is always amazed at the new ideas her students come up with and the high level of works that they create!  As always, feel free to view more work from Hester students at our Artsonia Gallery


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