6th grade artist of the month!

6th grade started our first "flipped" lesson this week, the cityscape landscape painting/printmaking project.  All demonstrations are learned from prerecorded video clips.

Richie used the self-guided clips to create a two point perspective drawing.  Here's his drawing created all by himself on day one: 

The next day, Richie added details to his cityscape.  Here's his progress:

Next, Richie will transfer this drawing to a styrofoam plate and print it on his background.  I was so impressed with Richie's ability to follow the steps and guide his own learning, it has earned him the September art student of the month award!  His focus and determination really paid off!  Congratulations Richie! 

Stay tuned for the final product, but in the meantime, check out the project steps:

First, students needed to watch a clip on how to create their watercolor sunset background.  Next, they created their watercolor background using a wet blending and salt.  See the video clip here:

Then students had to watch two video clips.  One was on one point perspective and the other on two point perspective.  See those clips here:

Stayed tuned next week for the project results! 


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