8th Grade Screenprint T-Shirts!

We've crossed the midterm mark and now it's time to show off some of the work we've been doing!

Screenprint T-shirts

8th grade students have started to print their class t-shirts.  Each student creates their own design for the back of the shirt and then transfers the design to a screen.

  • Create the design on a sheet of paper
  • Wash and prep the screen for printing
  • Trace the design onto the screen with pencil
  • Paint drawing fluid on the screen where ever you want the ink to print in the final design
  • Let dry
  • Flood the screen with block out fluid
  • Let dry
  • Wash out the drawing fluid with COLD water
  • Let dry
  • Print the design
    • Create the trial proofs on newsprint paper
    • If the screen printed how you wanted, continue to the next printing step
    • Print the design on the heavy drawing paper (if you want a print to hang on your wall)
    • Print the design on the back of the t-shirt
    • If the screen did NOT print how you wanted, wash the ink out of the screen with COLD water and let dry
    • Use the block out fluid to touch up any areas of the screen that were printing, but weren't supposed to be.  
    • Let dry and then try printing again
It's a complicated process, but worth every bit of work!  The t-shirts are turning out great!  A Hester themed design will be printed on the front and 8th grade students will receive the t-shirts the morning of their trip to Great America in the spring.  We will take a class picture celebrating our creativity and then the students will wear the shirts to Great America! After our trip students get to keep the shirts as a memento of 8th grade.

I know it's hard to wait for the shirts all year, but it's nice to show our Hester pride at Great America.


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