7th Grade Giant Letter Sculptures

Here's the giant plaster letter sculptures the 7th grade students have been working on recently.

Letter Sculptures

  • Choose a letter that has significance to you (initial, first letter of your favorite band, artist, color etc.) 
  • Design the letter on paper
  • Cut the letter out and trace it onto two pieces of cardboard
  • Cut the letters out of the cardboard (cardboard scissors recommended)
  • Use dixie paper cups or the like to create the thickness between the two cardboard pieces.  Fasten cups with tape
  • Apply tape "band-aids" around the sides to secure the sculpture together
  • Use plaster gauze strips to coat the sculpture in a plaster shell (papier mache works too) 
  • Decide how to decorate the letter.  Choose from one or more of the following techniques: 
    • Paint an image/scene
    • Paint a design
    • Paint a metallic color and then apply a patina with a second metallic color
    • Decoupage a design with paper or tissue paper
    • Some students chose to add glitter to their letter
  • Photograph the sculpture and post to Artsonia


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