September Art Students of the Month

Each month at Hester we celebrate an art student of the month from each grade level.  Art students of the month are chosen based on their work in class.  These students work hard, challenge themselves, support their classmates, keep a positive attitude, and create original artwork using their imagination.

6th grade: Kayla B. 
7th grade: Isaiah M. 
8th grade: Ryan S. 

Kayla B:  Is a strong asset to art class.  She helps others, plans her work carefully, observes details and works to solve problems.  Here is some of her work:  

Isaiah M: Has challenged himself this year to create ambitious projects.  He carefully considers the topics that he creates.  Furthermore, Isaiah has created extra projects that pursue his interests without being required.  

Ryan S: Is conscientious of his work and ensures that he challenges his self with each project.  He fleshes out each idea in the sketching process.  Ryan is respectful of the art room and his peers and offers assistance to others when they need it.  


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