Memory Project Video Received!

In November, Art club students created portraits for 10 Colombian children through a wonderful non-profit organization, The Memory Project.  The organization helps bring joy to children all over the world by bringing these hand-made works of art to children who have been orphaned, neglected, abused or are living in extreme poverty.  

In return for the artworks, the organization creates a video that captures the celebration of the children receiving their portraits.  This year, they partnered with students from the University who dressed up as superheroes to help deliver the portraits.  

Here's the email we received after sending in our portraits: 
Hi Carissa!
Your portraits for the children in Colombia arrived in the mail, andthey are wonderful!  Thank you so much.  These are such sweet gifts.Really precious keepsakes for these small kiddos.We'll be bringing these to the children in early December, and I'lllook forward to sending you the video of the delivery in mid-lateDecember.  I'm sure the footage will be very fun to watch!
Speaking of that, just FYI, you are still welcome to send photos fromyour classroom for us to include in your copy of the video (photos ofyour students at work, or a group shot, etc), just to make your copyof the video more personal.  We could still receive those photos fromyou anytime in the next week.
Thanks again so much,Ben
Ben Schumaker, DirectorThe Memory Project2163 N. Gateway St.Middleton, WI 53562P) 608-467-5706
There is a small fee per portrait which covers cost of running the organization, but anything above basic operating costs gets donated right back to the kids. 
"Finally, please know that because of your financial contributions we were able to make a collective donation of $5,300 to support the children’s feeding and early education program.  That is a terrific amount of support for all of us to provide together, along with these very special portraits."
Here is the video, but if you prefer to view it directly, visit:


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