October Art Students of the Month

October was a crazy month!  I attended a local professional development opportunity, attended my state conference where I presented two workshops, painted the windows of downtown Franklin Park for Halloween, switched trimesters, had parent teacher conferences, created portraits for the Memory Project and participated in our first Artist Trading Card Swap- and that's all within a couple of weeks!

Ms. Zill is working through catching up on updating her blog with all of this information,  but first I wanted to recognize the October Art Student's of the Month.  These students were leaders in the art studio as well students who pushed themselves to grow as artists.  

6th Grade: Jakub Michalik
7th Grade: Mia DeLeon
8th Grade: Alia Bravo and Ashley Villanueva

Jakub: A conscientious student who took the utmost care to put as much detail into each of his artworks.  When he was unsure of how to accomplish the desired effect, he TRIED different strategies until he found one to work - an awesome skill to have developed in 6th grade!

Mia: A hardworking artist, who blossomed this year!  Mia worked on the ideation portion of her projects with an open mind and continued to sketch MORE than the required number until she found an idea that she felt passionate about creating. When you give your ideas space to grow - amazing things happen!

Alia and Ashley: These girls made a dynamic duo!  Not only did they push forward full steam creating more projects than any other 8th grade students, but they were also leaders for their peers.  When a student was stuck on a step and I was helping others I could always count on Alia and Ashley to help their peers.  Their work has some striking similarities, but they also always found a way to make their work unique.



Congrats to all of these students for their hard work and dedication to the arts!  


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