Fall Concert and Leyden Fine Arts Performance

The arts are powerful.  When participants create art and music the benefits skyrocket.  Scientists have shown that simply spending time looking at art can decrease your stress level.  Actively creating art or music actually activates the brain in areas dealing with introspection, self-monitoring and memory.  Studies also show that those actively involved in the arts get better grades, are less likely to do drugs, and have improved short and long term memory.

Did you know that . . . 
  • We live in a visual age. Most children and youth spend 10 hours per day in front of screens composed of pictures and words, often two types of screens at once. 
  • The arts provide jobs. 1.25 million Americans currently work in the visual arts. Jobs for artists and designers are predicted to increase by 43% by 2016. 
  • Art education equips students to form mental images, which can be used to solve problems—an ability that chemists, engineers, and architects use to create models and that inventors use to think up new ideas. 
  • Art education requires students to use their eyes and hands to give form to ideas generated in the brain—a discipline that Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel proved boosts brain power. 
  • Research also indicates that high school art programs engage students and keep in school those at-risk of dropping out.

Today's photos were taken by Alexis Garcia - He did an awesome job!  Thanks Alexis!  


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