November/ December Art Student of the Month Awards!

Announcing the amazing November/December Art Students of the Month!

November and December flew by like a whirlwind, and Ms. Zill forgot to announce the November art students of the month, so here are two students from each grade to receive this prestigious honor!

6th Grade: Andrea Gutierrez and Amy Carro-Luna
7th Grade: Gabe Monarrez and Brian Sarad
8th Grade: Tanya Mena and Saimarie Rivera

Congratulations!  You've worked hard, dedicated yourself to always doing your best work and contribute to a positive class studio environment.  

6th Grade: Andrea Gutierrez and Amy Carro-Luna

Andrea is not afraid to take on challenges and try new art skills in her projects.  She has a wonderful attitude and always works to helps others!  Great job Andrea!

Amy puts thought and care into each one of her projects making sure to think through the challenge ahead of her.  She works to help maintain a positive studio environment and always does her best!  

7th Grade: Gabe Monarrez and Brian Sarad

Gabe has shown a new focus in his art making this year!  He has unique ideas and does not stop working on an art project until he is satisfied.  Gabe is not afraid to work at his own pace to ensure quality work.  

Brian has become the class expert.  He is not afraid to help others, but also makes sure to get his own work completed as well.  On any given day he can be found consulting with his peers and giving them advice.  Recently Brian has taken on the job of clay supervisor making sure that the clay area is straightened and all clay is back in the bags before class ends - he is diligent about his job!  

8th Grade: Tanya Mena and Saimarie Rivera

Tanya is new to Hester this year, but has jumped right into the swing of things!  Her work is thoughtful and carefully crafted.  She puts a lot of personal meaning into her work and is known to make over 5 sketches before she is satisfied enough to move onto the final project.  

Saimarie is a treasure to have in class!  I am pretty sure I could sit back with a cup of coffee and she could run class by herself!  Her work is carefully planned out and always has a deep meaning to Saimarie.  She works closely with her peers to get feedback about her drawings to find the best idea to pursue for the final project.  


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