The 4th Annual Fine Arts Showcase 2015

The Fine Arts Showcase is a celebration of Art and Literacy at Hester Junior High.  One artwork is on display from EVERY Hester art student.  In addition to the artwork, this night is used to showcase the career fair projects of the 8th grade class.  There were over 600 students works on display for the event, which was paired with open house.  

The Fine Arts Showcase aligns with Youth Art Month and is a way to celebrate all the critical thinking that happens in the art room and around the school all year long!  You will see projects based on many different media as I seek to expose students to as many art forms as possible in the short 12 week trimester.  Artworks on display celebrate works from all the media we work with: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and bookmaking.  What an impressive night!  Unfortunately I was so busy interacting with the parents that I forgot to snap any pictures while the gym was full of visitors.  I am so proud of all my student artists!  


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