February Art Students of the Month!

The trimester has come to an end, but I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the art students of the month for February.  These students work hard day in and day out, demonstrate critical thinking in their art projects and work toward improving their art with each new project.

6th grade Art Student of the Month: Brian Sarad

Brian was a focused artist who always worked to find a way to make his art original.  He was always willing to stop and help one of his classmates if they needed help on a project.  He worked to maintain a clean and organized art room and was influential to those around him.  Brian wrote thoughtful artist statements to accompany his work on Artsonia.  Thanks for being a positive force in the art room!  Here's a sampling of Brian's projects from this year:

7th grade Art Student of the Month: Michaela Klein

Michaela has always had clear visions for her art projects and this year was no exception.  Her first project, the Chemical Romance themed sketchbook cover took a lot of time and patience to complete up to Michaela's standards.  Her work is meticulously executed and she is always working to improve her skills.  After the first project, Michaela really picked up the pace and started pumping out one project after another.  She also worked to ensure that the art room was clean and organized.  Michaela wrote clear artist statements to accompany her work on Artsonia and always had a positive attitude!  Here's some of Michaela's artwork from this year: 

8th grade Art Student of the Month: Madison Jedlink

Madison always had a positive attitude in class and worked to make challenging projects.  She was a leader to her peers and helped them when they needed it.  Madison always wrote thoughtful, thorough statements on Artsonia and took care to display her artwork proudly!  Always with a smile on her face, Madison was happy to think through a complex project and problem solve as she went.  She was almost always the first one to start a new project, but she never let that stop her!  Madison is my go-to-girl in yearbook club - she always attends the meetings, has good input to contribute and works diligently on her pages.  Check out some of Madison's work:  

Check out the work of all the Hester art students at: http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=46559


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