March Art Students of the Month

Forgive me, for falling behind on my art student of the month nominations.  January, February and March keep me busy between the musical set design, yearbook deadlines and the school wide art show in March at Open House.

Art Students of the Month are recognized for their leadership skills, dedication to art making, and commitment to improving their artistic craft.

6th Grade: Guiliana Benabdallah
7th Grade: Yulissa Mendez
8th Grade: Habram Hernandez

Giuliana: Has shown a huge improvement in her attention to detail and perseverance with her projects.  When her watercolor painting did not turn out how she wanted, she showed perseverance when going back and trying again.  Her plaster mask is full of detail work and showcases her observing and art making skills.

Here is some of her work:

Yulissa: Is a quiet artist.  She is humble about her art making skills.  Her papier mache project is one of the largest ever designed at Hester and shows many good problem solving skills as she worked to make her idea come to life!  Her work is consistent and she works well with others.  Yulissa takes good care of the art studio and all of the supplies.

Here is some of her work:

Habram:  Has some intense drawing skills that he uses to create a variety of works.  He has inspired many others in our class with his work and earned their admiration.  He has pushed himself to create a variety of artworks inspired by his sketches.  Habram always carries his sketchbook to be ready for the next design idea that comes to him.

Here is some of his work:


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