Matt Wilhelm visits Hester

Matt Wilhelm is a BMX rider and motivational speaker who visited Hester Junior High on our opening day to speak to students about perseverance and standing up for others.  Matt wowed us all with his BMX tricks - he even jumped over Mr. Esker, Mr. Barker and Mr. Trotter on his bike!

The Hester student body was a great crowd and enjoyed the inspirational words.  Some of Matt's accomplishments include:
  • 3-Time X Games Medalist
  • 2-Time National Champion
  • World Championship Bronze and Silver Medalist
  • Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent
  • Winner of America’s Got Talent YouTube Competition
  • Winner of FOX TV’s 30 Seconds to Fame
  • Red Bull Fight with Flight Champion
Some video clips from the assembly:

To see our student volunteers learn a new trick:

To see Matt jump over Mr. Trotter, Mr. Esker and Mr. Barker:

Here's some of the photos taken by Weronika M & Ms. Ryan:


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