April and May Art Students of the Month

Ms. Zill has many amazing students, but the art students of the month are the ones who rise above and stand out as creative thinkers.  There are two students in each grade as I am combining April and May.

6th Grade

Erik Castillo & Diego Loveshe

7th Grade

Maria Dragotta & Dominika Dybas

8th Grade 

Jasmin Carrera & Faustyna Karpiesiuk

Erik Castillo has shown his ability to think like an artist.  When trying to figure out his background for his painting, Erik pulled out his sketchbook and tried out several ideas before adding them to his painting.  He has a wonderful attitude and is always willing to help others around the classroom!

Diego Loveshe puts thought into each choice in his artworks.  He sketches out ideas and then works to make them a reality.  He has a wonderful attitude, helps others and always pushes himself to be his best.

Dominika Dybas is a quiet artist who quietly and patiently works on each piece.  She not only asks for feedback, but then carefully considers each thought before deciding how to proceed.  She has demonstrated a strong understanding of color blending and mixing.  

Maria Dragotta is an artist who lets herself become lost in each artwork.  She has detailed ideas and works to pursue them.  If Maria is stuck, she is not afraid to ask for help, but otherwise she troubleshoots any issues on her own.  She has really embraced using texture, pattern and designs in her work.  

Jasmin has embraced art this year.  More so than in 6th to 7th grade, Jasmin has embraced each project and challenged herself to make her best work and grow along the way.  She is careful to think through her decisions.  

Faustyna Karpiesiuk is serious about her art.  She decides what she is going to make and then fiercely works toward a finished project.  She is my right hand student when I need help organizing or tracking down supplies!  


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