August Students of the Month!

I'm running a bit behind on making my announcement for my August Art Student's of the Month, but time just flew by!  

**Don't forget you can always see what all of our Hester artists are up to on our online museum,

6th Grade: Daphne Merino
7th Grade: Ricky Rawski
8th Grade: Veronica Diaz

Daphne Merino is a focused, hard working student.  She challenges herself in her artwork and puts a lot of thought into her ideas before moving forward.  Daphne can often be found helping clean up and maintain our art studio at the end of class, and always has a good attitude in class!  Congratulations!  
Here is Daphne's chalk pastel sketchbook cover:  

Ricky Rawski is quiet about his art making skills.  He seldom asks for help, but works hard to maintain good craftsmanship in his work.  His projects so far have demonstrated a good understanding of color and blending as well as composition and layout.  Congratulations Ricky!  
Here is Ricky's sketchbook cover and graffiti wall art projects:  

Veronica Diaz blew me away with her Repousse project this year!  She took a simple spiral pattern and a LOT of determination and hard work to create this stunning piece.  I assure you, the pictures just do not do it justice!  The ink effect adds to the spiraling design - and creates a mesmerizing effect!  I can't wait to see what Veronica comes up with for her next projects.  Congratulations!  


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