Gyotaku Prints!

Third trimester students are under a lot of pressure because they only have 6 days to create artwork for the Fine Arts Showcase, which has been paired up with Open House this year.  Students always select their favorite artwork for the show, so it was important to have several projects created in these 6 days.

Students walked into their first day of art for quite the surprise!  Gyotaku prints!  Gyotaku prints originated in Japan around the 19th century as a means to record the size of the fish that fishermen caught.  We used fresh tilapia for our prints.  After a quick demonstration, students jumped right in to try their hand at gyotaku.

Special Thanks to the Wabash Seafood Company for providing the Tilapia that we used for this awesome art project!  
They are located at: 2249 West Hubbard Street Chicago, Il 60612

  • Dry the fish
  • Apply a layer of paint
  • Lay the paper on top of the fish and gently rub 
  • Carefully pull off the paper to reveal the print
  • Spray the fish with a lemon juice/vinegar mix and repeat!  
Here's some photos from the lesson:  


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