Art Students of the Month!

Although I have many amazing students in art right now, these two students have earned the Art Student of the Month award!

Both boys are 8th grade students who have taken on the challenge of creating extremely difficult projects.  October Art Student of the Month Award goes to Paul P & Gerardo P!

Paul spent several days lost and unsure what to create out of clay this year.  The assignment was to make a clay container - "something that holds something."  Projects in the class range from boxes to bowls to vases to creatures!  After much deliberation, Paul decided to create a dragon!  '

Paul is not yet finished building this amazing project, but it's just stunning!  In fact, it is so big that it no longer fits on any of the storage shelves, so the dragon is living on my desk.  I can't wait to share this project when it is complete!  Congratulations Paul!  

Gerardo has spent the last two weeks creating his screen print t-shirt.  His design involves 5 or 6 different colors all created by layering screen after screen after screen!  We have printed 3 shirts to ensure we end up with a good one after all the layers have been added.  Although Gerardo has only printed 3 of the screens, I am already excited!

You can see from the pictures there are slight differences in the prints since we are registering the prints by hand.  Also there was some smearing of the red ink screen because the screen was a little bit loose in the frame.  I can't even describe how challenging a project like this is to create, let alone the fact that Gerardo has created this all on his own, only consulting me briefly for the how-to's.  Congratulations Gerardo!  

Stay tuned for the finished products!  


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