Our Face Vases are Sprouting!

I was getting ready to leave school on Friday and running a little late when I realized I hadn't watered our face vases in a few days - oops!  As I quickly ran around to all the window ledges and displays to water our projects I was pleasantly surprised by the sprouting "hair!"  Naturally, I had to snap a few quick shots before darting out the door to pick my son up in time from his after school program. 

I had originally found this project on Pinterest last year that was posted on Art Projects for Kids.  Immediately intrigued, I decided to test this project at Artapalooza, a K - 8 summer art camp I run with another art teacher, Lisa.  Here are some of our results:

We taught this project using slabs since this is a one-week class - which meant the kids had one day to complete the building of the project.  I used the sun, a low temp candling program on the kiln, and made sure to fire slowly to make it happen in one week!  We used sod in these vases so they could go home without being "bald."  

This school year I decided to use this project as a way of teaching coil pots to my students - and they turned out AMAZING!  Here are a few from my 7th graders pre-sprouting: 


  1. Such a cool project. A huge upgrade over the "old" days when a "creative" clay project would have been an ashtray! (maybe I'm dating myself with that one) Times sure have changed. These clay projects are very fun and functional!


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