Spring Window Painting

Ms. Zill and Mrs. Kozin brought some students to downtown Franklin Park to decorate the windows for spring.  We had a beautiful day and lots of sunshine to inspire our painting.

Students were able to bring a little bit of fun and joy to our community, while also practicing some of the painting and design skills we've been practicing in class.

March Art Students of the Month

Forgive me, for falling behind on my art student of the month nominations.  January, February and March keep me busy between the musical set design, yearbook deadlines and the school wide art show in March at Open House.

Art Students of the Month are recognized for their leadership skills, dedication to art making, and commitment to improving their artistic craft.

6th Grade: Guiliana Benabdallah 7th Grade: Yulissa Mendez 8th Grade: Habram Hernandez

Giuliana: Has shown a huge improvement in her attention to detail and perseverance with her projects.  When her watercolor painting did not turn out how she wanted, she showed perseverance when going back and trying again.  Her plaster mask is full of detail work and showcases her observing and art making skills.

Here is some of her work:

Yulissa: Is a quiet artist.  She is humble about her art making skills.  Her papier mache project is one of the largest ever designed at Hester and shows many good problem solving skills as she worked t…

Fine Arts and Career Fair Showcase 2017

Fine Arts and Career Fair Showcase 2017

For the 6th year in a row, Mrs. Bernath and I have put together a showcase that features the career fair research projects of the 8th grade and art of all the Hester art students.  One of the unique qualities of this show is that it is completely student curated, which means that the students chose which of their pieces that they wanted to showcase.  

For the first time this year, I was able to add the artist statements on display with the projects to help the audience understand some of the process that went into the project.  Students, parents and teachers were able to fill out some "fan mail" cards to write compliments to the students to let them know some of their favorite artworks and aspects of the career fair projects.  

Here's some photos the students on display with their projects: 
To see all the photos view the video at: Fine Arts & Career Fair Showcase 2017