So Proud!

My students know that I believe in what I teach, and therefore, sometimes go a little overboard when sharing how amazing the power of art is.  Today, my 7th graders were starting their linoleum block reduction prints about a social issue and I was sharing with them how wonderful this project is.  I was talking with them about the importance of making art about topics that impact our society and they were engaged!  There is so much going on in the world today, giving students a chance to express their feelings about important topics is an essential life skill.

I was also able to brag about the 4 students who won regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards last year and the one who went on to win a National Silver Award!  Students were in awe that their peers were able to accomplish such awards, but I am not.  I know my students are capable of much more than they believe, and it just takes believing in them long and hard enough until they see it themselves.

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Third Annual WSCAE Art Expo

Saturday marked the third annual West Suburban Consortium for Academic Excellence Art Expo featuring 525 artworks from 52 schools in the region representing 15 different K - 8 school districts.  It was a rainy day, but we still had close to 2,000 visitors!  The event was held at the beautiful Cheney Mansion in Oak Park.

The Oak Park Art League had professional artists on site to draw, sculpt and paint with the students.  Blick Art Materials had a booth on site for students to make a piece of artwork and also raffled off art supplies.  Sax Art Materials, part of School Specialty donated art supplies for each student in the show.  The Illinois Art Education Association donated snacks to keep the teachers hydrated and energized during the event.

Hester had 9 artists featured in the show: Ethan Rodriguez, Eliana Caron, Jonathan Gonzalez, Emily Kwasny, Yulissa Mendez, Nicthe Quezada, Habram Hernandez, Alyssa Cruz and Amber Bautista.  Eliana was one of three lucky winners to be awarded a …