Sunday, January 22, 2017

December Art Students of the Month

Each month I like to take a few moments to recognize those students who show exemplary work in the art room.  These students work hard, contribute to a positive and peaceful environment and challenge themselves to improve their work with each project.  

December Art Students of the Month

6th Grade: Matilde Merlos

7th Grade: Jason Merino-Garcia

8th Grade: Dominika Dybas

6th Grade: Matilde Merlos

Matilde has a natural inclination toward art, but she doesn't let that go to waste.  With each project, Matilde pushes herself to improve her art making skills, observe more carefully and make sure that her work is original and creative.  

7th Grade: Jason Merino-Garcia

Jason is new to Hester art this year, but that hasn't stopped him one bit!  He uses the classroom resources to guide him through the steps of his project, and takes the time to read his feedback and use it to learn and grow. He always sketches out multiple ideas to ensure that he has chosen the best one that is original and creative.  

8th Grade: Dominika Dybas

Dominika is a quiet artist.  She is thorough in her planning, and pushes herself to improve with each project.  She listens to feedback, but always makes sure that she is staying true to herself with her choices.  

Memory Project Video Received!

In November, Art club students created portraits for 10 Colombian children through a wonderful non-profit organization, The Memory Project.  The organization helps bring joy to children all over the world by bringing these hand-made works of art to children who have been orphaned, neglected, abused or are living in extreme poverty.  

In return for the artworks, the organization creates a video that captures the celebration of the children receiving their portraits.  This year, they partnered with students from the University who dressed up as superheroes to help deliver the portraits.  

Here's the email we received after sending in our portraits: 
Hi Carissa!
Your portraits for the children in Colombia arrived in the mail, andthey are wonderful!  Thank you so much.  These are such sweet gifts.Really precious keepsakes for these small kiddos.We'll be bringing these to the children in early December, and I'lllook forward to sending you the video of the delivery in mid-lateDecember.  I'm sure the footage will be very fun to watch!
Speaking of that, just FYI, you are still welcome to send photos fromyour classroom for us to include in your copy of the video (photos ofyour students at work, or a group shot, etc), just to make your copyof the video more personal.  We could still receive those photos fromyou anytime in the next week.
Thanks again so much,Ben
Ben Schumaker, DirectorThe Memory Project2163 N. Gateway St.Middleton, WI 53562P) 608-467-5706
There is a small fee per portrait which covers cost of running the organization, but anything above basic operating costs gets donated right back to the kids. 
"Finally, please know that because of your financial contributions we were able to make a collective donation of $5,300 to support the children’s feeding and early education program.  That is a terrific amount of support for all of us to provide together, along with these very special portraits."
Here is the video, but if you prefer to view it directly, visit:

ROAR Challenge: Communicate

On the first day back to school after winter break, we had a ROAR (Responsibility, Organization, Attitude, Respect) activity themed around communication.  The idea of this challenge was for one group of students to use verbal communication - no visual - to direct the second group of students into the pose as described by the picture they were given.  Students quickly learned how challenging it can be to give instructions with only verbal communication.  The biggest challenge they encountered was how to instruct each person to arrange themselves in relation to one another.

Here's how my homeroom did:

Friday, December 9, 2016

November Art Students of the Month

Each month I like to take a few moments to recognize those students who show exemplary work in the art room.  These students work hard, contribute to a positive and peaceful environment and challenge themselves to improve their work with each project.  

November Art Students of the Month

6th Grade: Aldin Halilovic

7th Grade: Maya Madej

8th Grade: Victor Alvizo

6th Grade: Aldin Halilovic
Aldin has a great enthusiasm for his art work.  He works hard during class, thinks through his choices and treats the art studio with respect.  On the Field Museum field trip, Aldin was excited to observe the collections and listen and read more about the artifacts.  

Aldin skydiving out of the plane! 

7th Grade: Maya Madej
Maya works well with others - talking out her ideas and taking her time to create them.  She uses the supplies with control to create a variety of effects.  

8th Grade: Victor Alvizo
Victor has been an inspiration to his peers.  He has taught himself to use Photoshop with great skill at home, so naturally I've enlisted his help for some projects at school.  He worked during class to create our Student of the Month backdrop.  When families attended the breakfast, they were able to take their photo in front of the green screen and we used the Do Ink app on the iPad to assemble the compositions.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Green Screen Portraits

New to the art room this year is the incorporation of green screen technology!  Second trimester students created a paper collage background and then used the DoInk Green Screen App to add themselves and sometimes their friends to their portraits.  These are so wonderful that I just had to show them all!  Enjoy! 

6th Grade Portraits: 

7th Grade Portraits

8th Grade Portraits

Monday, December 5, 2016

East Leyden Winter Art Show

Each semester Leyden puts on an art show to feature the work of the current art students in each of the art classes.  Hester is invited to display work during this show as well for 7th and 8th grade students.  It's one of my favorite shows to attend because I get to see the work of my past students and how they have grown as artists since graduating.  I am proud to say that just over 70 Hester Alum were represented in the Winter Art Show this year!  Since there were so many photos, I put them into a video, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Congrats to all the artists for their hard work!

The following Hester students had work selected for this show:

7th Grade: 
Andrea Gutierrez
David Guzman
Ernie Abdic
Jason Merino
Jessica DeValle
Karely Garcia
Mia DeLeon
Nicole Fallorin

8th Grade:
Amber Bautista
Anna Rudka
Andres Flores
David Cardenas
Eldin Sakanovic
Erick Ramos
Gabe Monarrez
Hannah Stocks
Jasmin Nevarez
Jessica Torres
Ofiy Gutierrez
Ryan Smith
Tania Frausto
Yaritza Martinez

Monday, November 28, 2016

IAEA Student Show Artist

The Illinois Art Education Association is an organization of art teachers that are dedicated to their field of teaching.  Each year, the IAEA hosts a student art show of 45 student artists that are selected by a jury from over 800 entries.  Hester is lucky enough to have an artist featured in the show for the past two years in a row!

Emily Kwazny, currently in 7th grade, had her monochromatic self-portrait painting from 6th grade selected for the show this year.  The artwork was featured at the fall conference in Normal, Illinois where students and their families were invited to attend a reception honoring this achievement.  Emily was unable to attend, but Ms. Zill was able to select the award on her behalf.  

The student art show will travel the state for the next 9 months visiting a different location each month celebrating the accomplishments of the students.  

Here's a few pictures from the show: